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he Galactic Civilizations II Ultimate Edition contains the full version of the award winning space strategy game and the two addons Twlight of the Arnor and Dark Avatar.

In the year 2225, mankind's thrist for domination has spread to the stars, where the battle for conquest rages on. Humans struggle for supremacy over the other Galactic powers, who have their own plans for the cosmos. In Galactic Civilizations II, you will use technology, diplomacy, colonization and war as your tools to build a far-reaching interstellar empire.


  • Contains Galactic Civilizations II full version and two addons
  • New maps, units and scenarios
  • New playable civilizations
  • Enhanced graphics and soundtrack
  • Alternative map sizes and victory tasks
  • New maps, scenarios, planet environments and events
  • Comprehensive editors: Maps, Scenarios, Planetary environments, Tech Tree
Platform PC DVD-ROM
System Windows XP SP2 / Vista
CPU 1 Ghz
RAM 256 MB
Graphics DirectX 9.0 compatible graphics card
HDD 1,5 GB
PEGI Rating   | Ages 7 and Over